The Reasons Why More People Choose Teak From Other Types Of Wood

Teak wood is a kind of wood that has long been known for its excellent quality. Therefore, this wood has many enthusiasts, not only in Indonesia, but even to foreign countries. This is evidenced by the very large number of teak products, especially in the form of furniture in every home community throughout Indonesia. In addition, indicators of the large number of teak enthusiasts can also be seen from the large volume of Indonesian exports of teak products each year.

But behind it all, do you know what causes teak to be chosen by the community more than any other type of wood? The following is the reason why many people prefer teak rather than other types of reclaimed wood flooring:

  • Because teak has beautiful fibers and textures

When compared with other types of wood, fiber and texture on teak is more beautiful. The beauty of the fiber and texture will be more pronounced when this wood has been made a product, for example for a furniture. The resulting furniture will look much more elegant, beautiful and more charming with the appearance of wood fibers earlier.

  • Because teak wood is resistant to wood-damaging insects

Teak is known for its durability. The durability in question is the level of endurance against wood damaging insects such as termites or powders are very good. Most of the products made using teak wood can last long without any porous due to termites being eaten.

  • Because teak is resistant to weather changes

In addition to resistant to wood damaging insects, teak also proved resistant to weather changes such as heat or rain. Therefore, teak is widely used to make a wide range of garden furniture products such as garden chairs or beach chairs where this type of garden furniture requires a really strong wood because the placement of this furniture in general outdoors or in place of direct contact with the ground.

  • Because teak is stronger than other wood species

Besides known for its good durability, teak wood is also known to have a very good level of strength as well. Teak wood is not easily broken or broken even if it falls or collide with other hard objects. So, products made using teak must be really good quality.…

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Consider These 5 Things Before Buying a Wooden Floor

The current wood floor is gaining in popularity in Indonesia. Because the floor is quite effective to make the interior look inside the house look more warm and elegant. In addition, this floor is also able to make the room feel younger and fresher atmosphere if you choose a lighter color wood. Unfortunately, the price of this floor tends to be more expensive than the tile floor.

Because the price is quite expensive, there are some things to be prepared before choosing wood flooring for your home. There are individual consequences that must be faced if using wood for floor coating. In order for the budget you spend is not in vain, here are some things you should ask yourself before buying it. Or Visit us at for more info about floor.

In Which Room Will The Floor Be Used?

Placement is very important. Placing the wooden layer on the second floor will be different from the floor in the basement. Solid wood is actually not recommended for basement or underground floors because the humidity will rise from below to the surface causing problems.

How Is The Material Of The Layer Material?

It is also important to ensure the quality of the coating material at the bottom of the floor. Usually, you will be given three choices of floor type that coat the bottom of the wood. The layers are plywood, concrete, and particle board.

If the bottom floor is made of concrete, then limit it to the engineering wood. Actually, you can use any type. Provided it has been specially formed. Concrete floors can be coated with intuition or plywood. Layers commonly used for wooden floors are plywood.

You can nail solid wood on a plywood board or choose wood engineered. If you do not use plywood, you can also use particle board. This material is commonly used by carpeted houses in the 70s in the US.

How Do You Test the Floor?

If possible, you should buy samples that are not too large. It aims to know the color and match it with the concept of interior in your home.…

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Preventing the emergence of Hot Car AC and Acid Oxygen

Before knowing how to prevent hot car air conditioner and smell of asem hit your car, please also know about the corrosion on the evaporator and compressor your car.

What is corrosion in the evaporator?

Corrosion or the occurrence of rusting processes is a common occurrence in car air conditioning that is not maintained properly.

Causes of corrosion

Evaporator AC easily corrosive because it is generally made of aluminum which is actually a material that is easy porous.

However, aluminum was chosen as raw material for evaporator because it is a good material in delivering heat.

In addition to aluminum is a material that is easy porous, corrosion can also be caused by things like:

  • The presence of dirt, gel, or mucus that is corrosive into the evaporator
  • Excessive freon pressure causes leakage and corrosion
  • Freon clogged and frozen can also cause corrosion
  • Aged evaporator age

The corrosion effect on the evaporator

What happens if your car’s air conditioner evaporator gets corroded? Corrosion in the evaporator certainly causes leakage and can cause damages and complaints such as:

  • AC is hot and smells tart when turned on
  • AC that is not cold, or even produce heat
  • Damage to the air conditioning system cycle and may cause the car air conditioner to die completely
  • In some cases, car air conditioning can burn

Solution for Leaky Evaporator.

If the evaporator gets leaked, then you only have 2 solutions:

  • Weld leakage

This is the cheapest solution but has the disadvantages of:

*) Leakage due to corrosion is generally pervasive so that the possibility of more leaks will occur in other places.

*) If that happens then it will cost more because you in addition to weld back again, you also have to re-charge freon.

  • Buy new

It is the most effective and wise solution, but it has the following disadvantages:

*) The price is expensive

*) The new evaporator will someday leak. This is very likely to happen especially if you do not know how to prevent corrosion in the evaporator. For more info just Visit us at…

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Benefits of a Learning Desk That Can Determine Achievers

It’s important to choose the right desk, especially for children. Not only as a means of support in learning, desk also became one of the motivations for children to want to study hard.

Then, how to choose the best table right? The following tips:

For children, the design and drawing of the desk is the main thing. Bright colors are also an option for them to determine the table they want to have. Choose a desk design in accordance with the wishes of children, do not follow the wishes of their parents. By choosing their own designs and motives, children can actually improve their morale in learning. They will feel if their desk is a new identity they have and should be proud of. Especially if the table is different from other friends. For more info you can visit Complement Ltd.

Large tables are not necessarily good for them, on the contrary, precisely a desk with a smaller or minimalist size that they need. Pay close attention to what their real needs are. The needs of each child are very different. Maybe someone is ready with a big study desk, but some still have to stick with a smaller desk.

This need is also seen from the child’s body posture. Do not let them uncomfortable studying at a table that does not fit their posture. Forcing yourself to study at a table that is not appropriate is also not good for the development of his body.

Security guarantees are a top priority when buying something, including the use of a desk. Security on the desk can also improve the comfort of children in learning.

Use the study desk with blunt ends that do not endanger the user. Avoid tables with dangerous pointy ends. Select also a desk that uses paint that is safe and not easily sticky.

Check also materials from the selected study table. The strength or absence of the table lies in the material used. Avoid choosing a desk with less quality materials

Well, Apparently, the role of the desk study is important enough to help someone in improving productivity. This often escapes us all.

There are still many who think if learning remains effective, even if done anywhere.…

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Essential Elements of Branding

1. Your Brand Purpose

Perhaps the greatest need in humanity is a sense of purpose that make our efforts count for something. This is what fuels a passion that allows humans to maximise the value of their efforts and the final products as well. Humans can spend up to 80% of their lives with their nose to the grindstone and this is a lot of time to waste if one is not truly aligned to their line of work. This limits the amount that one can offer the world.

The pathway to greater meaning and efficacy in the online market lies through graphic design branding and carefully constructing your brand around an inspirational core purpose. This is where it is essential for your team understand what the essential purpose of branding is and how to cultivate that effectively. Once this true purpose drives the efforts forward, all behaviours and actions naturally align themselves to the greater goals.

2. Your Bold Vision

What is an organisation’s vision and the possibility of a future you plan to realise for the demographic you are serving? This is not only about the organisation you hope to cultivate. This should be a statement to the world that effectively describes the future you wish to create for the people you serve, your community. It is vital to add the details that truly describe your vision for your work or help you create one from the details you provide.

3. Your Brand Motto

Mission statements are ineffective and, hence, the motto provides the ideal tool for conveying an important message. When asked what their company motto is, vast majority reply with “We don’t know!” or “I’m not sure we have that…”. What kind of message do these mottos send?

A Motto must inspire action and determination; it must be the call to arms that sets the organisation in motion even when the opposition is strong. Some classic mottos that have been found very effective are “Move Fast, Break Things” from Facebook, “Live Free, Ride Free” by Harley-Davidson and “Ever Upward”. Your motto must reflect the core values that go into every decision, behaviour, interaction and strategy. It is important to craft the perfect company motto that will provide your team with the symbol for their motivation and bigger picture of their work for the world.

4. Your Core Values

Brand values set the playing approach that will guide the outcomes of all actions, choices and attitudes held by the company. Think of these values as the principles your company adheres to in all business actions. These are also the benchmarks by which future progress and performance will be measured. You must study the most rudimentary principles that define the heart and soul of your company and clearly define the values that make your business what it is and best reflect your company’s standards.

5. Rand Archetypes

Are you a band of poets, craftsmen, warriors or rebels? You must create archetypal story lines that authentically represent what your …

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