1. Your Brand Purpose

Perhaps the greatest need in humanity is a sense of purpose that make our efforts count for something. This is what fuels a passion that allows humans to maximise the value of their efforts and the final products as well. Humans can spend up to 80{fd8c16f70e5fa50460608be7b7491e8413a7d29966a991ddaab26c96cf38de8c} of their lives with their nose to the grindstone and this is a lot of time to waste if one is not truly aligned to their line of work. This limits the amount that one can offer the world.

The pathway to greater meaning and efficacy in the online market lies through graphic design branding and carefully constructing your brand around an inspirational core purpose. This is where it is essential for your team understand what the essential purpose of branding is and how to cultivate that effectively. Once this true purpose drives the efforts forward, all behaviours and actions naturally align themselves to the greater goals.

2. Your Bold Vision

What is an organisation’s vision and the possibility of a future you plan to realise for the demographic you are serving? This is not only about the organisation you hope to cultivate. This should be a statement to the world that effectively describes the future you wish to create for the people you serve, your community. It is vital to add the details that truly describe your vision for your work or help you create one from the details you provide.

3. Your Brand Motto

Mission statements are ineffective and, hence, the motto provides the ideal tool for conveying an important message. When asked what their company motto is, vast majority reply with “We don’t know!” or “I’m not sure we have that…”. What kind of message do these mottos send?

A Motto must inspire action and determination; it must be the call to arms that sets the organisation in motion even when the opposition is strong. Some classic mottos that have been found very effective are “Move Fast, Break Things” from Facebook, “Live Free, Ride Free” by Harley-Davidson and “Ever Upward”. Your motto must reflect the core values that go into every decision, behaviour, interaction and strategy. It is important to craft the perfect company motto that will provide your team with the symbol for their motivation and bigger picture of their work for the world.

4. Your Core Values

Brand values set the playing approach that will guide the outcomes of all actions, choices and attitudes held by the company. Think of these values as the principles your company adheres to in all business actions. These are also the benchmarks by which future progress and performance will be measured. You must study the most rudimentary principles that define the heart and soul of your company and clearly define the values that make your business what it is and best reflect your company’s standards.

5. Rand Archetypes

Are you a band of poets, craftsmen, warriors or rebels? You must create archetypal story lines that authentically represent what your brand truly means. Brands that adopt a human persona and assume human-like attributes do a good job of connecting with their audience. This in itself can give your team a character that they will portray to the world.

6. What Makes You Different

With everybody out there doing the same thing, how exactly are you supposed to rise above and create an identity? It is essential that brands create differentiation between themselves and their competition if they hope to beat the price battles. You must not be slaves to traditions!