The process of providing excellent customer service, then there are five key elements worthy of attention. The five key elements are as follows.

Element 1: Reliability


This aspect reflects the ability to deliver what is promised – reliably and precisely and accurately. For example, if we subscribe to Speedy fast internet access, they are able to provide services in accordance with the advertised – that is fast, and the connection never breaks.

To be able to provide reliability then the steps that must be done are: 1) make sure that you have correctly identified customer requirements; 2) promise only what you can provide and 3) follow up to ensure that the product and service have been delivered according to the promise. (If you want to get an interesting presentation power point about customer service, please click

Element 2: Assurance


This aspect reflects the ability to provide something that can be trusted (assured of its reliability). Action strategies for developing assurance are: provide assertive services using positive communication techniques and describe products and services appropriately

Element 3: Tangible


This aspect relates to aspects of physical facilities / equipment as well as the personal appearance of the service providers. A viable action strategy is to keep the workspace – let alone face to face with customers – to keep it neat. Then arrange the items regularly and behave and dress professionally

Element 4: Empathy.


This aspect relates to the level of concern and individual attention given to the customer. Possible action strategies include 1) actively listening to messages delivered by customers; 2) put yourself in their shoes and 3) respond appropriately to answer the desires that concern them

Element 5: Responsive


This aspect reflects the ability to help customers and provide fast / responsive services. In order to be responsive, we need to display a positive attitude or “can-do attitude”; And take immediate steps to help customers, and meet their needs.